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Zinclad Coast House Case Study

The coast house project was a part of a development in the Channel Islands. We were contracted to carry out the metal roof installations for 12 separate properties as part of one development. The buildings all had standing seam shallow pitch roofs with internal gutters using pre weathered VM Zinc Quartz Plus. Facias and soffits were powder coated aluminium.

New Build Apartment Cladding Project

We were contracted to install cladding to the internal communal areas of this new build apartment block. We installed horizontal standing seam cladding with VM Zinc Pigmento finish, as well as single lock cladding to soffits and facias.

Zinc roofed garage case study

This new build double garage was covered in Rheinzink pre-weathered standing seam over the roof slopes and dormer tops, with single lock cladding on the dormer cheeks, facias and soffits. The guttering installation was made of a pre-fabricated Rheinzink to match the rest of the roof.

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